Time For A Career Holiday?

We all need to go on holiday once in while, so why not take the same approach to your work?

A career holiday could be taking a break from your current career by travelling or just trying a new job for a while and seeing what other options could be available to you.  Are you tempted by the idea of working abroad or doing something totally different?  Have you got itchy feet in your current role?  So what’s stopping you from making this a reality?

Do you really need a career holiday?

Before you think about taking that career holiday ask yourself do you really need to take one?  Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Am I happy in my job?
  2. Do I like what I do?
  3. Do I have no great urge to try something new right now?
  4. Do I love where I work and don’t want to change anything?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then you most likely don’t need a career holiday.

However if you:

  • Are bored with your work
  • Feel like you want more
  • Want to travel the world but don’t know how you can fit this in with your job
  • Don’t want to be in the same job for the rest of your life.

Then its probably time you did take that career holiday so that you revive your energy and put new zest into your career and working life.

Yes, it’s just what I need!

Does it sound like a career holiday could be the next career move for you?

Write down what your idea of a career holiday is. There are no wrong or right answers here.  It could involve taking a different job on a temp basis.  It could mean working abroad over the summer.  It may not even involve any actual work at all.  But thinking this through will give you an idea of what you want in a break.  This will help relax you and make you feel happier when you come back!

Make it happen

Then start thinking about how you can make this happen.  What planning and preparation do you need to do?  Who else might you want to involve in this project?  Who can support you in making it a reality?

It may seem like a crazy idea to go on career holiday but remember life is very short.  If you are an ambitious, hardworking person this could be a great way to let out all the things you want to do that your current job doesn’t allow.

Either way a career holiday could be the thing that helps you get what you have always been looking for.  It could actually be the next step to your dream job; it could be a new lease of life, the breath of fresh air you badly need; it could be an opportunity to grow and learn valuable lessons that you may want to implement into your life.