Credential Evaluation Services in Canada

Newcomers Canada - Accreditation Assistance Services

World Education Services (WES) - Canada
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable evaluations of foreign academic credentials

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
International credentials and equivalencies in Canada. Professional licensing and certification.

Accreditation Assistance Access Centre

Accreditation Assistance Access Centre (AAAC) is a resource centre delivered by York Region Neighbourhood Services Inc. and funded by the Government of Canada.

Access to professions and trades in Ontario
Aimed at internationally trained people. Free or low-cost services. How professions and trades are regulated in Ontario.

All Engineering Professions
This site lists important information for engineering professional that have been trained in countries other than Canada.

Bridge Training Programs
The Ontario government funds bridge training programs that help qualified internationally trained individuals move quickly into the labour market in Ontario

Career Maps
Career maps or fact sheets describe the steps you need to take to get your license and certification if you are new to Ontario.

Centre for Internationally Trained Professionals & Tradespeople
A free and unique program that assists internationally trained professionals and tradespeople to find work related to their skills or professional background and helps employers to find highly skilled and motivated professionals

Fast Track to Technology Occupations (FTTO)
Specific details about work as a technologist or technician in your field. Information about the job market for technologists and technicans in Ontario. Fields include: telecommunications, robotics and automation, biotechnology, architectural technology, electronics engineering, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, and computer science technology

Foreign-trained Accountants
A detailed, step-by-step information on the assessment process, experience and examination requirements, costs involved, and a summary of labour market conditions for the accounting professionals.

Guide for Foreign-Trained Tradespeople
In Ontario, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, through its Workplace Support Services offices, helps tradespeople to obtain recognition of their trade qualifications and experience gathered in other countries, or to enter an apprenticeship programme.

P.Eng. - The License to Engineer
Only a Professional Engineer is licensed to practise engineering in Canada.

Health Care Professionals
A collection of resources for sector specific distance employment services to support Internationally-trained Health Care Professionals in Ontario. Listings for physicians, nurses and pharmacists are included.
Free service. Jobseekers must register with an agency that is part of Skills International to login and post their resumes: use the online search to find one in your city.

Teach in Ontario - Internationaly Educated Teachers
This website contains information on how to become a teacher in Ontario. It explores how Ontario's schools are organized, the curriculum and classroom organization. Includes information on how to become certified as a teacher in Ontario.

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