The Importance of Business Studies

Definitely, business is an important activity in the world. People is involved in business activities such as production, support of services, designing, etc, that is why consumers, employees and investors depend on the business sector. If we look around us, we will check that activities in our life are related to business, just as an example we buy things at the market, go to a restaurant, study languages at an institute, etc. How business is really important, it involves many interesting things that allow its development.

With such important field, there are many young people who are interested in pursuing a career in business and taking business studies. Business studies include courses related to management, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology, economics, human resources, etc. These kinds of studies give people a wide overview about how commercial world operates nowadays.

Through business courses, students learn about operation, essential functions and key elements of a business. Today business faces many challenges and changes, which is why students and future professionals need to be well prepared having a good knowledge in different disciplines.

Some of the toughest challenges and changes that business has overcome are:

  •    Creating a great idea, it is perhaps the hardest one because as there are a lot more entrepreneurs than before being innovative and imagine a unique idea is very challenging.
  •    Nowadays is harder to invest in an idea, because it is easier to lose money than winning it.

Which are the skills and strengths that business studies give to students?

The aim of business studies is to develop in students a good knowledge, understanding and skills on business environment, this way they will be able and well prepared to make accurate judgements into a dynamic business world.The following are some skills that students develop and improve through business studies:

  •         Understanding of nature, structure, process and influence of a business activity
  •         Skills on management strategies
  •         Analysis of current and hypothetical business situations
  •         Communication of business information using right and appropriate formats.
  •         Development of effective written and oral communication skills
  •         Ethical business behavior
  •         Well appreciation of causes and effects of changes in the economy
  •         Problem-solving, research, decision-making, etc

Which are the topics in a business study?

The following are the general topics included in a business study:

  •         Business management
  •         Business planning
  •         Marketing
  •         Finance
  •         Human resources

Where to study?

Universities and schools offer these kinds of programs. However, before taking a decision about what school to attend, it is better to have a look at the top business schools. This information can help you to take the best decision, as well as clear up any doubts about the school that you chose. Find out information about these institutions, their facilities, internship programs, financial aid and other aspects that you consider important. On the internet you can also find all this information, if I is necessary you can send an e-mail to the admission offices, and they will reply with a detailed description of the requested program.

There are several accredited institutions which offer business studies. A business school is the best option. This institution provides you with different programs, therefore choose which perfect suits your interests and needs. Address to their office if you require further information about their learning method, faculty, degrees, among others. It is also important to ask for friend or counselor’s advice, because they can recommend you a specific business school. Take into account that this decision will guide your professional future, therefore take your time.

According to U.S.News & World Report surveys (March, 2012), here we present you the top business schools rankings:

  •         Columbia University (NY)
  •         Dartmouth College (Tuck) (NH)
  •         Harvard University (MA)
  •         Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
  •         Northwestern University (Kellogg) (IL)
  •         Stanford University (CA)
  •         University of California–Berkeley (Haas)
  •         University of Chicago (Booth)
  •         University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
  •         Yale University (CT)

So if you are passionate for a business career choose the right business school for you.