How To Be More Visible To Further Your Career

If you want to get on in your career you probably need to be more visible than you are right now.

Did you realise that something between 70% – 80% of top jobs are never advertised? This means that if you want to get to the top in your career, you need to find ways to be more visible.

In this article, I am going to give you some pointers as to how you can do this.  How you can create a name for yourself in your industry, turn yourself into a head hunter magnet, or generate proof for your employer that you are a shining light in your field.

Uncomfortable with the spotlight?

In my work with executive clients over the last 15 years, that idea that visibility and presence is important hasn’t always sat well, even with people who are ambitious and want to become senior leaders in their chosen profession. Yet the need to be more visible has always been there; I remember my managers talking about it 25 years ago. What has changed is the way we ‘do’ visibility to develop our careers.

Back then, visibility tended to be focused on getting your name known (for the right reasons) in your organisation, and attending and speaking at conferences, thus becoming known around your industry or specialist area. These methods haven’t changed, and are still relevant. What has changed is the impact of social media.

Be more visible on social media especially LinkedIn

Social media isn’t just about keeping your Facebook timeline clean and having a strong LinkedIn profile. It’s also about participating and sharing your knowledge and expertise.

For example, do you contribute to LinkedIn groups or other internet fora? You can waste your life engaging with internet groups, so it’s worth selecting a just a few that are relevant. Select ones that offer you the best platform, and which have active discussions and members. You don’t have to be on there every day, but schedule some time, perhaps weekly, to respond to other people’s comments and discussions and start your own.

Selfishness does not a good visibility strategy make! When you are seen as someone who gives good advice, and who contributes to discussions started by other people, your efforts will be appreciated. If, on the other hand, you only ever launch your own discussions, without giving anything back, you may alienate the very people you want to engage.

Be more visible on YouTube

Another excellent online vehicle for increasing your visibility is YouTube. You can make slide presentations and turn them into video using screen capture software, such as Camtasia or Screenflow.  You can even create a video directly from Powerpoint.

If technology defeats you, then I strongly recommend you get some basic training, ask a tame teenager for help, or outsource the work. In the past I have written a short report, then had freelancers convert it into Powerpoint slides, create an audio track of the content and then had the two combined to make a video. All for about $20.

If there’s a part of you that thinks using YouTube to raise your visibility is plain silly, bear this in mind. Companies are starting to require applicants to submit videos of themselves as part of the application process. Modern, innovative companies like Mindvalley ONLY look at applicants if they send in a video application.

And if you think employers don’t pay attention to your social media ventures, then think again.

Be more visible by blogging

Your visibility strategy might also include a blog. At the very least, this provides prospective recruiters with a link to find out more about you and see how you demonstrate your knowledge and your opinions. You can include videos on your blog to vary the type of content. The WordPress platform is excellent for this. There is a free option but if you want to increase your chances of getting picked up by that radio show looking for an expert, a self-hosted WordPress blog is a better option. (And if I am speaking a foreign language at this point, talk to your tame teenager or Google it).

Seriously though, if you want to raise your profile and be more visible, you need to engage with the technology. You don’t need to do all the technical bits yourself: there are plenty of people and companies who gladly do this for you for a modest fee.

So if you want to become known as an expert and person of influence and attract the attention of those who can help you develop your career, then you really need to embrace the opportunities presented by the internet to be more visible.

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